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In Canada we deal with cold winters and as a result, our heating costs can be very high. A way of keeping this cost down is switching from electric and oil heat to natural gas.
Natural gas is proven to be the most desirable form of heating in Ottawa for its lower cost, its clean burning ability and extremely high efficiency’s.
High-efficiency natural gas furnaces provide low fuel usage compared to oil fired furnaces, combine this with lower fuel costs,  it makes switching to natural gas a great choice.
There are many steps involved in converting your home, as experts in this field we would be happy to help answer all your questions, either on the phone on in person at your home.
From the paper work at the beginning to starting up your new gas furnace we do it all.


How much is Gas Furnace ?

A New Gas furnace will vary in price depending on what options your looking for but a aveage cost is between $3000 and $5000.

How much is a gas line to my home ?

Enbridge gas will have a cost assosiated to running a new gas line from road to your home, this cost will vary but you can expect between $500.00 to $1000.00 for an average home in Ottawa

What else besides my Furnace ?

A conversion to Natural gas involves many aspects of your home. Typically you would replace your hot water tank at the same time as your furnace .

What surprises could occur.

Natural gas burns cleaner than propane. It creates less exhaust making it much better for the environment and reducing the spread of fumes on the food and in the air.



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