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The Convenience of Natural Gas Barbecues makes year-round grilling as easy as a breeze and there are many benefits of purchasing a natural gas barbecue or converting your propane grill into natural gas

The cost of natural gas is also much cheaper than propane. While you will need to pay for installation and conversion to setup for natural gas, you should realize savings in the long run.

Always use a registered heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor to install your natural gas barbecue for you.

Gas Line Installation The big step is running the gas line to your BBQ is running the line to the location and installing the proper adapters and couplings. It is critical to have a professional complete the install so you don’t end up with a gas leak

How Much will it cost ?

Typical cost for a Gas Appliance install averages out to around $350.00 we will provide you with a firm quote once we have done a site inspection for you.

How Long will it take ?

Normally we are able to arrive at your home with in a day or two and the work itself can take from a couple of hours to half a day.

Who will do the work ?

All work is performed by a liscenced Gas Fitter employed by us.

Do I need an Inspection?

As a qualified Dealer in good Standing with T.S.S.A and Enbridge Gas you do not need an inspection after we are done.



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Call 613-233-1115 For a Quote


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Call 613-233-1115 For a Quote



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